Spring Lift Kneelers

These optional spring-action lifts make it easier to raise and lower kneelers. They offer complete comfort and quiet devotion, without embarrassing or disturbing kneeler noises and thumps.

 As with our original Atwood-Hamlin Kneelers, the Spring-Lift Kneelers include:

• Lightweight, durable metal frames that provide long, trouble free service.

• Guaranteed unbreakable legs with integrated rubber foot pads that can’t be removed or fall off.

• Rubber stops that absorb shock and prevent banging noise when kneelers are raised.

• Long lasting foam padding with a special density to provide maximum kneeling comfort.

• High quality vinyl or fabric covering in a large variety of colors and designs.

Exclusive patented design, combined with superb construction materials and second generation quality craftsmanship, make these pew kneelers the finest available anywhere.

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