Pew Form Cushions

Pew Form Cushion - The patented No-Damage Advantage


It pays to protect your valuable wood pews with Atwood-Hamlin's Modular Pew Form Cushion System, the No-Damage Advantage.

Unlike other pew upholstery methods, the Atwood-Hamlin Modular Cushion lets you beautify and protect your pews without permanent damage to their fine finish.

Abusive nails, damaging tacks and unsightly staples are eliminated because the cushion base is contoured to your seat's precise profile.

The Atwood-Hamlin patented manufacturing process also gives you the convenience of drop-in cushions without annoying slippage. Although if required, we can install permanently.


Your Atwood-Hamlin Pew Form Cushion will maintain their handsome appearance because the fabric is streched four ways to prevent wrinkling.

Quality materials like Absecon Mills® and heavy-duty Scotchgard(TM) treated Chatham® fabrics, high density polyurethane foam padding and durable lauan plywood base combine to assure long lasting comfort, durability and attractive appearance.

You can choose from hundreds of upholstery fabrics and colors. Optional features include notched or rounded corners, tufted buttons and, for more comfort, Atwood-Hamlin modular seat backs can also be installed.

An Atwood-Hamlin factory representative is available to show you samples, help you select fabrics and measure your pews. Of course there is Absolutely No Cost or Obligation for this service.

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