Misc. Hardware

Type “DRB” Double Rubber Bumper w/Screws
(1 ½” Long, 5/8” Diameter, ½” Height)
For Wood Kneelers, 2 washers inside Bumper
Type “SRB” Single Rubber Bumper w/Screw
(5/8” Diameter, 3/8” Height)
For Wood Kneelers, 1 washer inside Bumper
Pew Anchor “PA”
(1 3/8” Longer side, 1 3/16” Shorter side)
(Painted Dark Chocolate Brown)
Corner Brace “CN”
(Zinc Plated)
Bracket Screws (available in any quantity)
3/4"     -     1"
1 1/4"     -     1 1/2"
Used on all non floor mount brackets
Cushion Mounting Screw
Used on our kneelers to mount the extrusion frame to the kneeler pad
SEM Screw 5/8"
Screw for Kneeler Arm or metal kneeler legs
Screw for Non-Breakable Kneeler Leg
(MP5 Legs come with this screw)
Chair Interlock set
used to gang wood chairs together

Complete set of Snap-On kneeler parts
(individual pieces may be ordered instead of an entire set)

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