How to Measure for Kneelers


Pew Kneeler Measurement

Please provide the following information when requesting a quotation for Pew Kneelers. Look at the picture to find the corosponding measurement needed. All measurements should be in inches(not feet) to the nearest 1/16".

1. Provide opening size width in inches.

2. Provide distance from floor to bottom of Pew at Back.

3. Is the Base of the Pew End flush inside or is it wider than the body?
the Base is Flush 0".
or Wider by how much?  and the Height of the Wider Base?

4. Are the Supports set in further than the Pew Ends?
Not set in 0".
or set in by how much?

5. Provide distance from edge of Pew End to point of intersection of the Pew Seat and Back.

6. Please send photographs via email if possible of the following to confirm measurements and any possible problems:
Pew Supports.
Pew Ends.
Existing Kneeler installations.
Pew problems
Objects like pipes, heater vents, odd shaped pews, uneven floors...

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