How to Measure for DropFront Cushions

Drop Front Pew Cushions Measurement

 To determine the length, using a steel tape measure, measure along the back of the pew seat from inside end to inside end.

If the pew has a center divider, measure each section separately from the pew end to the divider. Record the length to the nearest one eighth inch.

 Measure from back corner of seat to front edge. Be exact to the nearest one eighth inch.

 Measure thickness of seat at front edge.

Contoured or Flat Seat:
 Use a contoured base if cushions are to be left loose or if seat has extreme contour.
 please see our page on Determining the Contour of the Pew Seat.
 Use a flat base if seat is flat or close to flat, or if cushions are being permanently attached.

Please send photographs via email if possible of the following to confirm measurements and any possible problems, odd ends or corners.

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