How to Measure for Contour Cushions

Determining the Contour of a Pew Seat

Place a piece of heavy stock paperboard at the far edge of the pew, next to the armrest, perpendicular to the seat and against the back where it intersects the seat.

Tape a marker to a small piece of wood.
Using this simple tool laid flat against the pew seat trace the seat contour on to the paperboard from back to front as shown below.

Using a scissors, carefully cut along the traced line of the paperboard.

Place the trimmed template on the pew seat and review the contour for accuracy.
The template should lay absolutely flush with the seat.

Place the finished template on the remaining pew seats. Record how many pew seats match this contour. If there are pews with a different contour, cut a separate template and mark each accordingly: A, B, C, etcetera. Check the template against each row.

Please send photographs via email if possible of the following to confirm measurements and any possible problems.

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